FOESS LDA, is a Mozambican company focused on providing multidisciplinary services in the areas of: Fiber Optic, Electrical Systems and Telecommunications, we are specialized in Projects, Design, Consulting and Installation.

FOESS LDA, offer effective, sustainable and integrated solutions in electrical systems and following the development of communication technology using the latest data transport technology in optical fiber.


Be a reference among several consortia providing quality, efficiency and profitability in the execution / provision of services nationally as well as internationally.


Maximize the wealth of our employees. Creating a working environment where our staff can develop their potential under the most efficient safety conditions.

Perform all duties observing the highest standards of operational excellence.


Fiber Optic & Electrical System Solution, LDA, regarding the well-being of our Employees, Customers and Community at large as being of paramount importance and essential to the continuous success of our operations.

Our activities and product will not pose any threat to the health and safety to our employees, Customers or the public in General.

Under the company’s Responsible Care initiative, Fiber Optic & Electrical System Solution, LDA, will remain committed to seeking continual Improvements in all health and safety standards, as well as to working closely with both customers and community in making our products and operational procedures safer and healthier.

Health and safety considerations will take precedence over expedient operational practices.

Understanding and acceptance of this health and safety policy will be promoted by appropriate training and monitoring by their respective manager.

Compliance with all relevant statutory and Electrical Service Group standards is regarded as the fundamental framework within all operations will be conducted.

The co-operation of all employees in fulfilling this policy will ensure the highest health and safety standards within the company, resulting in minimal risk to our workforce, customers and the general public.

As Fiber Optic & Electrical System Solution, LDA, C.E.O, I’m responsible for the implementations of this policy in the company and for ensuring that appropriate system, with clear lines of authority and responsibility, are in place to control and control procedures.